3D Lebensmittel-Drucker / 3D Food-Drucker für Schokolade, Zuckerguss, Teig, Pasta...

Singapore student builds a 3D food printer that prints cookies, mashed potato & chocolate

Could 2015 be the year of 3D printed food? You might almost start to believe it, considering the many promising projects and the supposedly tasty initial results. This year should be the year of the commercial Foodini, while the Taiwan 3D printer manufacturer XYZPrinting also unveiled its 3D food printer in early January. Thanks to a few other results, you might almost start believing in the coming of this holy grail of 3D printing.

Student Daniel Peng Zhuo shows us that this technology is at least definitely not an impossibility, as he has just built a prototype 3D food printer of his own as part of a course at the National University of Singapore (NUS). While still something of a novice of 3D printing technology, he has already achieved some remarkable results. "Honestly, I got to know about 3D printing 3 years ago by taking quite a number of courses about Rapid Prototyping. From then onwards, I started to try using a 3D printer to help all my design projects and I can say I truly benefited a lot from it," Daniel explained to 3ders.org. "I came to understand the great potentials of this technology. That is why I chose to work on 3D printing technology since I actually have a strong belief in it."
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