3D Lebensmittel-Drucker / 3D Food-Drucker für Schokolade, Zuckerguss, Teig, Pasta...

3D Printed BBQ - A BotBQ for Some 3D Food Printed Fun in the Sun

3D printed food has been in the works for some time now and it looks like it is going to get huge in 2015. Some of the chocolate and sugar-based creations that we’ve seen so far are astonishing, clearly indicating the new possibilities that open up for the pastry making industry. However, while chocolate and sugar are (relatively) easily melted and deposited in layers with high precision, the same in not as easy to achieve when it comes to more “conventional” food. Like the meat in burgers, for example. That is why BotBQ (pronounced: “botbecue”) was created.
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